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5 Things you MUST try in Busan

5 Things you MUST try in Busan

Beach season is officially over but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still visit Busan. It will be warm enough to sit on the beach and enjoy a cool drink for a couple more months. And more importantly, Busan’s awesome food is always there waiting for you!

Check out these 5 things you MUST try in Busan:

  1. Pork Soup (돼지국밥 – Dwaeji-gukbap )

This dish is available on almost every street in Busan but amazingly not available in the Northern provinces. In Busan there are a few famous spots like Twins Gukbap (Daeyeon-dong), Songjeong 3rd Generation Gukbap (Seomyeon market near Lotte), Hapcheon Gukbap (near Sasang terminal), but in almost every neighbourhood there is a great gukbap restaurant. Wherever you go you won’t be disappointed. For some local flare order the Suyuk beakban – the meat is served separately from the soup with some green to wrap up meat into yummy parcels with samjjang.


  1. Raw mini-octopus (산낙지 – sannakji)

In Korean there is a flavor called Gosohan (고소한); it doesn’t translate well but when you have some very fresh octopus doused in sesame oil you will understand. These days, people don’t usually eat them on a stick and they are instead cut into pieces and served on a plate with the sesame oil, some fresh chilli and sesame seeds. The limbs are still ‘alive’ and will suck onto the plate and the inside of your mouth, but they are well worth the struggle!


  1. Geumjeong Sanseong Makoli (금정산성막걸리)

Geumjeong Mountain is located behind PNU and it brilliant for hiking. There is a cable car that can take you up the hill and there is a small village on the mountain that has many great restaurants for goat, or duck, which both match well with this makoli. Alternatively, Geumjeong makoli is sold all over the city at makoli restaurants and medium to large marts. In particular, check out Bupyeongdong Maetdol pindaeddeok (부평동맷돌빈대떡), it’s located near Bupyeong Ggangtong Market in Jagalchi. They have a great range of makolis and some nice dishes that suit makoli drinking.


  1. Cold noodles (밀면 – mil-myeon)

Milmyeon is famous in Busan. It’s a cold noodle dish, similar to neangmyeon but the noodles are made from wheat flour. It’s great during summer as it provides a nice fresh relief from the heat. Check out Chunhachudong Milmyeon (춘하추동밀면) near Seomyeon, or Gaya Milmyeon (가야밀면) near Dongeui University station.


  1. Ssiat Donut (씨앗호떡)

Hotteok (호떡) is a widely known Korean style donut with a sugary cinnamon mix. The Siiat variety also incorporates dried fruit and nuts. The best places are located near BIFF square in Nampodong. They make a standard hotteok, then cut it open and stuff a wonderful mix of nuts and dried fruit into the hot batter.




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