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HEALING CAMP near SEOUL :: Glamping and pose with the Moon & Fireflies garden


Go glamping and pose with the moon, lighting funnel and fireflies garden


Leisure Facilities: Zoo, Swimming pool (seasonal), lighting park, snow sleds (seasonal), botanical garden, hiking trails etc
Accommodation types (2~4 persons): Premium, Trailer, Forest Glamping, Under-hills, VIP pension

Weekdays (119.000~159.000won), Weekend (139.000~290.000won)
Extra charge (optional): BBQ set (meat, sausages, vegetables, kimchi, rice, soup) – 40.000won (for 2 people), Grill set (charcoals) – 10.000won

Check-in time: 3pm
Check-out time: 11am

Address: 경기도 파주시 파평면 두포리 산 59 산60,117,121

There is nothing better than a weekend getaway with your friends and family on a trip which is   adventurous and relaxing at the same time. My group decided to spend our weekend at a famous glamping place near Seoul, where we could have a big BBQ party and enjoy tons of outdoor activities.

The glamping place is called Donghwa Healing Camp. It is located in Paju city, which is only 2 hours away from Seoul by subway and bus. If you have a car or a motorbike, do not hesitate to drive since the accommodations are in the middle of the mountain. I recommend to take a taxi from Munsan station if you have a group of friends and prepare your ingredients and camping tools if needed in advance, since it would be not easy to go to the downtown after you arrived at your accommodation.

A camping experience would not be complete without BBQ party. You can either purchase for a BBQ set for two people at the accommodation or bring your own meat and cook it right on-site. Beside the BBQ grill, every accommodation has a kitchen part with refrigerator and a gas stove, together with some cooking tools such as cooking pans and pots.

The bed room is separate from the kitchen and is quite clean and comfortable with air conditioner. There is also a big table outdoor where you can sit down to have your meal, sing some camping songs and play board games. But that is not all this place can offer. In the evening, you will be amazed and fascinated while walking on the hill, with a long lighting funnel that change colors every second. The surprise continued with a path covered with charming lights, combining with little small LED lights on the trees that look just as thousands of fireflies welcoming us.

There were several swings for us to have a seat, admire the amazing surroundings and take pretty pictures. The atmosphere could not be more romantic! The best thing came at the end of the way. While walking up, you can spot the shining moon that looks like it is rising from the mountain. The big moon figure looked so real and dreamy. If you are creative enough, this is the perfect background for one-of-a-kind videos and photographs.

My friends and I had unforgettable moments that night and we came back to our camp with excitement and joy after spending almost 2 hours at the place. If you come earlier than check-in time, you can also visit the botanical garden, the zoo and swimming pool (in summer only), as well as other facilities that the venue offers. Paju is also next to DMZ area for people who wants to visit the next day. It was a great memories that I strongly recommend for people who never experienced.






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