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Home of “pink muhly” – Haneul Park(Sky Park) in Seoul

Home of “pink muhly” – Haneul Park(Sky Park) in Seoul


The Haneul (meaning Sky) Park is located near exit 1 of the World Cup Stadium Station on line 6. Haneul Park is not your typical park – it’s known for its pink grass (pink muhly) and silver grass. The pink muhly is very popular among Koreans who put up selfies with it on Instagram. Haneul Park is a great place not only to take great photos but also catch a great view of the city and to take a relaxing walk.

To get to the Haneul Park, you have to go uphill around 20 minutes. It’s a good occasion to exercise. You can also take a bus but you have to wait in a long queue even up to 1 hour so walking is better. The park has signs which direct you to the pink muhly so you can’t get lost. The park also contains windmills, which can be a bit surprising. Once you reach the pink muhly, you can take pictures within the grass with the big “LOVE” letters. On the weekends it’s very crowded so it’s better to go on a weekday. There is also a spot with the words “Shine, my life” in Korean, also a very popular spot for a picture. If you’re an Instagram lover, this place is perfect for you. If not, you can just enjoy taking a walk and viewing unique colored grass that you could have never seen before.


Near the World Cup Stadium there is a seafood market, a supermarket and a Korean food corner, so you can buy some food and drinks to enjoy in the Haneul Park. The park is designed rather for walking than sitting, but there is a great spot to have a seat and enjoy a great view of the river and skyscrapers. There is also a swing for children (and not only children) to enjoy. While you’re in the park during the evening, you can catch a great glimpse of the sunset. The sunset looks amazing surrounded by the pink and silver grass. Be sure to take lots of pictures!

To get out of the Haneul Park, you have to take stairs, which are quite impressive. It’s takes around 15 minutes and you can enjoy the city view, especially in the evening. There is also a great view on the World Cup Stadium. Near the stair entrance you can buy some snacks. The view of the stairs is really impressive when you look from below.

Haneul Park is a great place to relax for families, couples and tourists. Be sure to see the famous pink muhly before winter.




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