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Are you a fan of Red hair Anne animation and novel? :: “My Name is Anne of Green Gables Exhibition”

Are you a fan of Red hair Anne animation and novel?

Chance to enjoy art in Seoul
at “My Name is Anne of Green Gables Exhibition”


  • Period: 2019 June 6 ~ 2020 April 5
  • Location: Galleria Foret (near Seoul Forest Station)

B109 32-14 Seoulsup 2(i)-gil, Seongsu-dong 1(il)-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul


Either you are a fan of art or the story “Anne of the Green Gables”, this exhibition is a great opportunity to observe, enjoy and admire beautiful paintings and artworks. Located near Seoul Forest Station, the gallery ‘Galleria foret’ is quite easily accessible by Seoul citizens. The exhibition includes 9 chapters. Each chapter exhibits creative and beautiful artworks under a theme, which represents each important elements of the whole story.

The famous character Anne, a bright and intelligent orphan that always behave according to her instincts. Anne is recognized by her red hair which was always made fun of by other people, but she still keeps a positive mind and treats her ups-and-downs in her own charming way. The story of Anne inspires kids and adults around the world, which was made into popular animation and movie.

Right at the entrance, you can get a beautiful map of the exhibition which is also can be used as a poster. Every room has different color that represents the theme that is also an important part of the story.
There are so many elegant and artistic backgrounds to take Instagram-worthy pictures. There are simulations of Anne’s room, the paintings of scenes from the animation and the models that stands for psychological changes of the character.

The paintings colors and concepts keep changing between the chapters, from exctiment, happiness to sadness and anger. All of the main characters in the animantion are described with their features, characteristics and backgrounds. The colors of the rooms also change from romatic pink to angry and desperate red, peaceful green and so on. I was impressed by the red room, which is the chapter that describes the struggle and the pain of Annie when she is always made fun of because of her look.

The paintings there give out a dark and gloomy atmosphere, which also showed her sadness, anger, uncomfort and lack of confidence with the way she looks. The drawings that show her friendship with Diana were also very elegant and lovely. One of the chapter also tells the story of Anne and Gilbert, the boyfriend that used to make fun of her hair in her childhood.

Gilbert is showed in the chapter as expressing his interests and care for Anne with his warm look, or their love to each other with the painting of them as a grown-up couple under the romantic cherry blossoms. The music video of Anne with the content of encouraging women to be themselves and break the prejudices. The whole exhibition is a fabulous collection of artistic contents, that not only give you amazing backgrounds for Instagram pictures, but also let you immerse yourself in a beautiful story.



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