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4 Worth visiting university campuses in Seoul

4 Worth visiting university campuses in Seoul

4 Worth visiting university campuses in Seoul


University campuses in Seoul are quite unique. They are designed in various styles: traditional Korean, European-like or modern. They are also used as drama filming sets, so you can recognize them from your favorite shows. The campuses also provide places to relax within nature and play sports. Let’s see the worth visiting university campuses in Seoul.


Ehwa Womans University

The world’s largest educational institute for women and one of the most prestigious universities in Korea, Ehwa Womans University, also has a very unique modern-style campus. The architecture is really something you haven’t seen before as it’s designed so you have to go downhill to enter the building. It is also a famous drama filming site. The area around the university is commonly called the Fashion Street so you can enjoy many k-beauty shopping there. Ehwa Womans University is a must-see for a tourist in Seoul.

Directions: Ehwa Womans University Station, line 2


Sungkyunkwan University


Founded in 1398, it’s the oldest university in Asia. As is founding dates back to the Joseon dynasty, on the Seoul campus you can see architecture from that time. This campus really reflects traditional Korean architecture. The campus is also famous for the drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” so if you’re a fan of the drama you can easily recognize the campus which it was filmed in. The campus is located in the heart of Seoul, on the same hill as Changdeokgung and Changgyeonggung (two of the royal palaces of Joseon) and near Hyehwa-dong and Daehangno (University Street). Be sure to visit Sungkyunkwan University while touring the Seoul city center.

Directions: Hyehwa Station, line 4


Kyunghee University


Considered one of the best universities in Korea, in also has a very impressive campus. Most buildings are designed in the European style so they have a kind of ancient Greece or Rome vibe. The most impressive building is the Peace Hall (평화의전당) designed in the gothic style. It’s a replica of a Belgium cathedral. This architecture has its own unique beauty rarely seen in Korea. There are a lot of events organized in the Peace Hall like concerts, festivals or fanmeetings of idols so you might get a chance to get inside during an event. The Kyunghee University campus also contains the Central Museum, Natural History Museum and Hye Jung Museum so there is a lot to visit there. The Hankuk University of Foreign Studies is the neighboring campus so you can also visit it to see more of European style architecture in Korea.

Directions: Hoegi station, line 1


University of Seoul

I recommend this campus if you want to relax in a quiet place on the outskirts of Seoul. It is very spacious so you can take a relaxing walk there. There is also a basketball court and tennis courts. The campus is decorating with sculptures made by the students. The school canteen food is tasty and very cheap. Behind the University there is a small hill where you can enjoy a bit of climbing. There are a lot of trees on the campus which nicely change color in Fall and bloom in Spring. If you want to relax, take a walk, eat cheap food in the canteen then the University Seoul campus is perfect for you.

Directions: Cheongnyangni Station, line 1





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